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Adho Mukha Svanasana (down dog pose)





From urdhvamukha shwanasana :

1. Erect the toes, raise the waist and push the body backward to place the heels on the ground.
2. Bend the neck downward so that the top of the head can be placed on the ground.




1. Removes fatigue, exhaustion and energises the body.
2. Good for runners, brings lightness to the legs.
3. Pain and stiffness in heels can be removed.
4. Stiffness in the region of the shoulder blade is removed and any arthritis.
5. Brings good shape to the legs.
6. Brings ample blood supply to the brain cells and rejuvenates them.
7. Useful for the kidneys.
8. Low blood pressure.
9. Develop speed and lightness in the legs, heels and ankles.
10. Strengthen legs.
11. Abdominal muscles are drawn towards spine and strengthened.
12. Gives many of the benefits of Shirshasana.
13. Invigorates the brain by reliving fatigue.
14. Strengthen the muscles of arms.
15. Removes excess fats around the waist.




Heart disease, high BP, vertebrae trouble, slipped disc, sacral infection, sciatica, ear trouble, weak eye capillaries, severe asthma, pituitary or thyroid trouble, thrombosis and vertigo.