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Baddha Hasta Gomukhasana






1. Sit in gomukhasana so that the right knee is above the left knee.
2. Raise the right hand above the head, bend it at the elbow and bring the palm on the back.
3. So also take the left hand on the back but from the lower side. Let both palms rest behind the back.
4. Try to clasp the fingers of both hands behind the back.
5. Keep the neck and head and spine straight. Press the back side of the head against the inside of the raised arm. Unclasp the hands and repeat with other hand and other leg.




1. This asana induces relaxation and alleviates tiredness, tension and anxiety.
2. It stimulates the kidneys.
3. Good for diabetes, back ache, sciatica, rheumatism.
4. Relives general stiffness in the shoulders and neck, extends latissimus dorsi fully.
5. Relieves and prevents cramps in the legs.
6. Chest is opened and the leg muscles become supple.




Pain in knee, shoulders or arms.