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Padmasana Yogamudra (type 1)

This Asana is performed in Padmasana Position.


Pre Position
Padmasana Position.


Inhale and take both the hands back and keep the palms facing outside interlocking the thumbs. Keep both the hands straight.
Exhailing bend in the waist and rest the forehead on the floor. Continue smooth breathing.

In this Asana one has to sit in Padmasana and bend in the waist fully. In this process the abdomen gets folded and that is expected, too. Further in order to get the abdomen folded properly, one should try to set the forehead on the ground quite away from the body. Once the bending process is over, continue smooth breathing.

After some practice, while bending in the waist, keep the back bone straight to experience its nice results. After taking the position, try to relax the body.

Exhale and inhaling be straight in the waist.
Restore the hands on the knees and take up Dhyana Mudra.

It should be retained at least for one minute to get its benefits. After sufficient practice this duration can be extended upto five minutes and not beyond that.

Internal Effects
As the belly gets folded in this Asana, there comes tremendous pressure on intestines, liver, spleen, certain glands, etc., and this pressure improves their functioning and removes complaints regarding digestive system & constipation. This Asana is also used to awaken the kundalini shakti, which, however, requires its prolonged practice.

One should take care while bending in the waist. Bending process should be slow and should go with the exhailing process or else one may suffer from air or gas accumulation in the belly. The people with back problem should practice this Asana only after consulting some Yoga Expert.