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Sharanagata Mudra (forward bending)

The position of the body in this Asana reflects the feeling of submission to God. The desire of submitting and becoming one with the Almighty God is central theme of this Asana.


Pre Position
Padmasana Position.


Exhale, and inhaling raise the hands upward from the sides and join the palms.
Exhaling, bend in the waist and touch the forehead on the floor keeping the hands straight. After taking the final position, continue smooth breathing.

Like Yogamudra here too the abdomen gets folded. Further, attempt should be made to have this fold as complete as possible. The frontward stretched arms greatly help in getting this fold. However, the hands should be kept as much outstretched as possible.
Keep the knees resting on the floor and the spinal column straight.
Place the forehead on the floor at farthest distance from the crossed legs. While outstretching the hands, keep the arms touching the ears. Keep the breathing normal.

Exhale, and inhaling start raising the arms, neck and the trunk and straighten it in the waist. Keep the hands outstretched above the head.
Exhaling, bring both the hands down from the sides and take up Dhyana Mudra.

This Asana should be maintained at least for one and half minute to have the desired benefits. After practice this duration can be increased to three minutes.

Internal Effects
This Asana prepares the Sadhaka mentally for the desired submission to the Almighty God.