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Supta Vajrasana




1. In Vajrasana shift both the heels outside the buttocks.
2. Slowly lean back, take the support of the elbows one after another and rest the back, shoulders and backside of the head on the ground.
3. Place the hands on the thighs or beside the thighs or in swastikbanda or as a pillow below the head. Knees may be kept apart in the beginning.




1. Good asana for leg ache.
2. Good for the pelvic region: abdominal organs & digestions.
3. Gives rest to the legs for those who are required to stand for a long time, walk long distances or athletes. Practice this asana with sarvangasana after long walking.
4. Counter pose for Paschimottanasana.




As per vajrasana sciatica, slipped disc, sacral ailments, knee problems. Release the pose in reverse order. Straightening the legs first may dislocate the knee joints.